It is Feedback or Getback?

Giving regular feedback can amount to some of the most important conversations you will ever have as a leader, manager or a team member.
When conducted appropriately, it will inspire others and drive their motivation to learn and develop. On the other hand, erratic and poorly delivered feedback will feel more like a getback at somebody […]

Leadership Style – When Nobody’s Watching

Just imagine how easy it would be to recruit top leadership talent if you could just have a sneak preview into how they behave on their way to and from a job interview, especially, when nobody’s watching.
How do they speak to the person who makes their latte at Starbucks? How do they react when someone has […]

Entrepreneur’s Trap – Inspiration Becomes Exasperation

Being a first-time founder can be both the hardest and the most rewarding professional experience you will ever have. There’s no doubt that your passion and evangelical belief that the world really needs what you are about to create will help you get the right attention. However, it’s also proven that, precisely, these components could leave […]

The Double Meaning of Promotion

Ok. So you’ve just become a leader. Amazing! Congratulations! It’s a great feeling being promoted, trusted and appreciated, isn’t it? The feeling that the future is bright and prosperous, that hard work pays off and that somehow things are falling into place. […]

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