• Lazarus & Maverick – we are a global leadership development & high-performance consultancy viewing business as a tale of human endeavour – it is the people’s engaged mind and heart that make organisations thrive.
  • We develop resilient minds and maverick* attitudes of creative thinkers, agile leaders, skilful managers and high-performing teams.
  • We help individuals and organisations have a journey of a lifetime – in a profitable and fulfilling way!
*maverick – we lean on the interpretation of an independent thinker and a free spirit able to reinvent the norm and to challenge any real or perceived limitations. If you can’t rebel against your own thinking – nothing will ever change.


  • We pinpoint critical success factors and address any pressure points – from people management, project management, team integration, culture change, confidence, new skills, organisational savviness and emotional resilience etc.
  • We cut to the chase – we help clients and teams outperform their old selves and, into the new, enjoy an enhanced professional reputation at no cost of burnout.
  • We create bespoke content –  once learnt, never forgotten. Once experienced, always embedded.
  • We blend the best of executive coaching, leadership & management theories, group dynamics, systems thinking, neuroscience, personality types, cognitive behaviour therapy, psychodynamic approach and even a bit of pop culture!

executive coaching

“I found our coaching sessions invaluable to develop my own leadership style, goals and future visioning. Alex is extremely knowledgable, adopting tactics and techniques to suit the individual and applying these to put together a personalised programme to achieve leadership, business and developmental goals.” – Director of Programming, Disney Channels UK & Ireland The_Walt_Disney_company Small copy

“…Coaching unlocked a measured confidence and applied competence which I can use in both a personal and professional capacity… A game changer for individuals, teams, and organisations!” –  Chartered Fellow of CIPD, HR Function, Temenos Banking Software Systems (with over $700m turnover & 4,600 employees).