Huge congratulations to Paul!

We are beyond thrilled that his incredibly important research paper “Sociality in Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland: Application of the Perceiver Element Grid” has been recognised across in the field. The paper has won an award for the best newcomer at the European CONGRESS of Personal Construct Association, Edinburgh July 2018.

Paul is passionate about bringing peace and finding a positive way out of a conflict. This research conducted amongst members of the four main political parties introduced a concept of sociality in improving community relationships in Northern Ireland, by asking interviewees to consider their own perceptions and what they believe to be the perceptions of the other community. The result has provided Paul with invaluable data for supporting revised community narratives, to help support behavioural change in Northern Ireland. The research findings agree with the extensive conflict resolution literature, that revising identity narratives is necessary for reconciliation to take place. In addition, the important link between community identity and political leadership was highlighted, with courageous political leadership highlighted as a necessity for reconciliation.

This is indeed a very important piece of research and a meaningful achievement for Paul who divides his time between constant learning, his work as an executive coach and a facilitator, a busy family man and a friend to many.

We wish Paul every success as he continues his part in making the world a better place!