Ok. So you’ve just become a leader. Amazing! Congratulations! It’s a great feeling being promoted, trusted and appreciated, isn’t it? The feeling that the future is bright and prosperous, that hard work pays off and that somehow things are falling into place.

But before the champagne cork pops out, may we offer a few words of wisdom?

Promotion doesn’t just come from the upper management and it certainly does not stop after you got your job. Now, have a sip and listen on. Think of the other meaning of the word “promotion”.

Promotion can also refer to as the publicising of a person or a product to increase the public awareness and control the desired perception.

What leadership qualities will you exhibit and promote? What reputation do you want to create to attract the right attention?

Do you want to be known as an inspiring leader? Think now – how will you inspire others? Do you want to be perceived and talked about as a purposeful leader? Define and share your purpose. Would you like the members of your team, one day, long after they’ve moved on to refer to you at dinner parties as “I once had an amazing boss…”

Stop and ponder for a moment about what behaviour, beliefs, language and interpersonal skills would be expected from “an amazing boss”. What would you have to do to inspire someone to remember you so fondly that they’d publicise you so positively?

It’s definitely worth considering today. Remember – everything you do and don’t do creates an impression of you, and that impression equals reputation. Go on. Promote yourself consciously. Start as you mean to go on… Good luck!