According to a new book published by Dr. Catherine McGregor, the answer is – a lot!

Lazarus & Maverick’s Alex Lazarus was honoured to be interviewed by Dr. Catherine McGregor whose robust research process and passion for the topic led to the release of this outstanding book. While the focus is on in-house Counsel, it’s a great read for anyone interested in leadership with practical insights, case studies and reflections that lay the groundwork for what is nowadays required to secure “the seat at the table”.

In the following extract of the book, Alex shares her and her team’s beliefs about today’s leadership imperative:

“The part about ‘the leader is not the one with all the answers’ is about creating a culture at work that enables other people to think creatively, beyond the existing expert knowledge.

This is especially pertinent in today’s dynamic marketplace that shortens the lifespan of what we define as “expertise” when new business models and technological developments are popping up in all sectors. We are also tapping much more these days in the worldview and the wisdom of young people – with knowledge being increasingly democratized and access to education made easier in the history of humankind, we are seeing that young people have raised a bar on innovative and agile mindset. This calls upon senior leaders to adopt and inspire in others, what I call the inner game of entrepreneurs whose raison d’etre is to challenge the norm. What we can learn from them is to embrace the paradigm shift from highly-esteemed 20th century “know-how” with all its status and hierarchical rituals to today’s “learn-how” and being what we call, an EFTO (Expert on findings things out).

It may sound obvious but our leadership style is a significant determinant if we foster that curiosity in others or not. If we do, it turns into a business advantage as people will be empowered to make leaps in their thinking, make incremental improvements with continual innovation and creative problem-solving at the heart of their organisation. Is it easy? Not always. Leaders who have a good grasp of human psychology and make everyone feel that they are their thinking partners lead the way!

“Business Thinking in Practice for In-house Counsel: Taking your Seat at the Table” by Catherine McGregor
is out now. Click: Amazon