An update from Alex Lazarus

What happens when you dine with the world’s #1 leadership guru?

We are thrilled to announce that Alex Lazarus has been invited by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith to join his initiative, 100 Coaches. Marshall is the world’s # 1 leadership thinker and coach (Thinkers50, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review), a highly prolific author.

The 100 Coaches concept is simple and powerful. A small group of coaches and business leaders from around the world unite with a common purpose – to create a positive impact. In exchange for Marshall’s guidance and learning everything he knows at no charge, he wants them to do the same for others, if not today, one day soon.


Spending time with the fellow MG100 coaches and the wonderful Sarah McArthur (“Work is Love Made Visible”) inspired us to think of people who also despite their own full-on professional responsibilities and too many plates spinning set out to pay-it-forward as a way of being in life, to name just a few:

1. Laine Joelson Cohen, MG100, Leadership at Citi North America, who believes leadership happens in small, everyday moments and that each of us has the potential to exhibit leadership by being mindful of these opportunities and making deliberate choices. Listen to Laine’s fantastic podcast  and

2. Nilema Bhakta-Jones, the creator of Courageous Leaders Event 2019, champion of women, role model many which enabled 128 girls in Zimbabwe to continue education

3. Jill Blane of Jamie’s Farm which acts as a catalyst for change, enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.


As our first official pay-it-forward initiative, we will soon be announcing a coach collective to support innovators in education where funding is scarce and leadership development opportunities minimal. Pm me to register interest.


What happens when you dine with the world’s #1 leadership guru?

Yes, you discuss business and, yes, you elaborate on how the global socioeconomic factors impact our role as behaviour change experts in the hyperconnected world of shifting paradigms.

But what resonated the most at the end of a busy week was Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s simple reminder in reference to self and those we coach that we are not human doings but human beings in search of meaning and purpose:

  • Take good care of yourself and those around you
  • Tame your desire to always win and show how smart you are
  • Life is not a contest
  • Support communities in this increasingly fragmented world of rising loneliness, unrealistic social media presenteeism and mental health crisis
  • Our values are not what we say, our values are what we do
  • The second you lose control, you are the problem
  • Keep your ‘survivor bias’ in check, don’t postpone vital goals because today is a ‘special day’ not to start them
  • Reputation – it doesn’t matter what we say, it matters what they say
  • It’s ok to need support and people love to help
  • Whom do you wish to become? – identity is a dynamic process which you influence through your life. Which part of your identity is worth parting with and eliminating, which part is worth preserving, creating and accepting?
  • Last but not least – Life is good!