6 06, 2016

Personality vs Performance in Leadership

Have you ever walked into a meeting with your boss feeling confident and well prepared yet you left deflated, confused and exhausted? Your project was approved but now it’s on hold. You could’ve been told this in your last one-to-one but he cancelled it, again! Sounds familiar? You’re not alone. Corporate Learning Survey 2016 by [...]

9 05, 2016

One of San Francisco’s toughest schools transformed by the power of meditation

A pioneering programme has reduced stress and improved grades at Visitacion Valley middle school – with lessons other schools and - organisations - can learn from (www.guardian.com, 24 Nov 2015.) There was a time when Visitacion Valley middle school in San Francisco could have featured in a gritty US crime drama. Surrounded by drugs and gang [...]

28 04, 2016

Secret Confession & Tips for Ambitious Sales and Other Executives

It all started in the 90-ties when I decided I wanted to own a car. I was a penniless student living around the corner from the train station so it was a classic case where wanting had nothing to do with needing. However, one day, I casually wandered into a local VW showroom and after [...]

28 06, 2015

Entrepreneur’s Trap – Inspiration Becomes Exasperation

Being a first-time founder can be both the hardest and the most rewarding professional experience you will ever have. There’s no doubt that your passion and evangelical belief that the world really needs what you are about to create will help you get the right attention. However, it’s also proven that, precisely, these components could leave [...]

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