Leave No SME Behind. 3hr Pledge Campaign

14.04.2020 #leaveNoSmeBehind #3hrPledge SMEs are the oxygen of human potential, a birthplace of unapologetic innovation and career reinvention. They energise local communities and positively disrupt working norms. Unfortunately, for some, their existence is under threat due to the economic impact of Covid-19. While there is a ray of hope with the UK Treasury exploring a rescue package [...]

Dining With the World’s # 1 Leadership Guru

An update from Alex Lazarus What happens when you dine with the world's #1 leadership guru? We are thrilled to announce that Alex Lazarus has been invited by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith to join his initiative, 100 Coaches. Marshall is the world’s # 1 leadership thinker and coach (Thinkers50, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review), a highly prolific [...]

The Courageous Leaders Event, 6th March 2019

Join us at The Courageous Leaders Event! While you explore courageous leadership together with other CEOs, Directors, Partners, managers and entrepreneurs, you will also support girls in Zimbabwe in continuing their education – the drop out rate mid-teens is staggering, and so is their chance to acquire the vital skills of leading self and others. [...]

“Sociality in Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland” research awarded!

Huge congratulations to Paul! We are beyond thrilled that his incredibly important research paper "Sociality in Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland: Application of the Perceiver Element Grid" has been recognised across in the field. The paper has won an award for the best newcomer at the European CONGRESS of Personal Construct Association, Edinburgh July 2018. Paul is [...]

One of San Francisco’s toughest schools transformed by the power of meditation

A pioneering programme has reduced stress and improved grades at Visitacion Valley middle school – with lessons other schools and - organisations - can learn from (www.guardian.com, 24 Nov 2015.) There was a time when Visitacion Valley middle school in San Francisco could have featured in a gritty US crime drama. Surrounded by drugs and gang [...]

Secret Confession & Tips for Ambitious Sales and Other Executives

It all started in the 90-ties when I decided I wanted to own a car. I was a penniless student living around the corner from the train station so it was a classic case where wanting had nothing to do with needing. However, one day, I casually wandered into a local VW showroom and after [...]

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